RSI Based Automatic Trader (Members)

Hello traders!

My RSI based automatic trading software is now complete, I have completed the testing and I am happy to confirm that it works exactly how I want it to work. Now I offer it out to you guys.

RSI EA Video

So what is the RSI automatic trader? What’s so good about it? Have a look at the video here:

UPDATE: Version 2 Out Now!

RSI EA Background

When I first started trading I regularly missed trading opportunities and when I actually spotted the opportunities, I found I was too late to get good value and the move had already happened. Working in an office affected my ability to trade, even using a smart phone to watch the markets wasn’t easy because it affected my ability to do my job properly. So my dream was to build a piece of software, that could run all day, scanning all the markets I wanted, opening trades when particular trading conditions were met. The software would identify oversold markets and watch the market until it began to show signs of reversing and at that point, it would enter into a trade. The software would also identify overbought markets and once again watch it and then enter a trade the same way, when the market appeared to be reversing.

Easy in theory, a little more difficult to put into practice. But here it is! Complete!

To help you out I have also produced some tutorial videos to help you get it installed and working properly and there are a couple of strategy videos to help you get started with trading.

Purchase the Software Here

RSI EA and the RSI Indicator bundle:

[purchase_link id=”2889″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”] I have included the Trend Arrow indicator and the MT4 templates in the download, free of charge
Usual price: £29

RSI EA without the additional RSI Indicator:

[purchase_link id=”2893″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”] I have included the Trend Arrow indicator and the MT4 templates in the download, free of charge
Usual price: £24

Video Tutorials

How to install RSI EA

Download and Install MT4

RSI EA Strategy 1/3 – Averages

RSI EA Strategy 2/3 – Trend Arrow 

RSI EA Strategy 3/3 – RSI Settings

 Download the MT4 Templates

[purchase_link id=”2889″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test the product before I buy it?

You can yes, you can trial it for 1 month at a cost of £5.00 by clicking the link below:

[purchase_link id=”3762″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” “align: center;” color=”blue”]

Current trial expires after 1st December.

Why is this different a normal RSI?

My indicator provides an alert based on when price closes back through either the overbought or oversold level. It provides either an alert, or an email allowing people to receive buy and sell signals at specific times when the market is interesting.

The standard RSI indicators only tend to visually show you the overbought or oversold line, they don’t tend to have the alert functionality/feature so you can easily miss interesting trading opportunities.

Do you offer refunds?

I don’t offer a refund, however you can trial the software for free before buying.

Does it work on all timeframes?

Yes it does and it also works on all markets in MT4.

8 thoughts on “RSI Based Automatic Trader (Members)

  1. Chris,
    the video do not appear to be in your email. could you please send me direct to my email.
    i did purchased your previous RSI indicator thank you.

    Kind regards


  2. Hi,
    Do your ‘RSI Based Automatic Trader’ work with PLUS500 broker because there trading platform is different, not mt4.
    I am interested for your EA. Is it work Forex & Dax30 ?

    • The EA will only work with MT4, no other software.

      If your provider does not use MT4 then you have two options. Option 1: download a demo version of MT4 with any provider, install the EA on that demo version of MT4 and use the signals it generates to trade on your real account. Option 2, change provider to one that uses MT4. I recommend FXCM.

    • The videos have been uploaded to videscape which is a free-to-view video sharing website. The link to the video is here:

      Sometimes macs don’t like the site and sometimes the videos can not be played if you have an ad-blocker software. (There shouldn’t be many adverts, it’s just the way the software works)

      Can you tell me if a different browser works for you?

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