141016 DAX Prediction: 8735+

#DAX $DAX Dax has passed yesterday’s value area low which is in the middle of a low volume area for today, this suggested to me that if we get near to the naked vpoc then there is a strong chance that we eventually take out yesterday’s value area high as well. This gives us a good … Read more by clicking here

141016 Trade0002

#DAX $DAX First trade lost, no big deal, just a small one. Signal | Sell Order DAX @ 8465 | SL:8485 | TP:8405 | 2014.10.16 14:25 BST | Trade 0002 Price has just bounced from yearly low and made a lower high around midday. The market is still Bearish so I am placing an order … Read more by clicking here

141015 Trade0001

#DAX $DAX My very first DAX trade to be published. I am entering this trade simply because I believe the market is approaching oversold levels and is in need of a correction. Price was recently rejected from falling below the 8555 level so I want to place a test trade with a very small stop … Read more by clicking here

141015 DAX Prediction: Down

#DAX $DAX I like to use a signal on my charts that calculates moving average crossovers when RSI is either overbought or oversold. It’s a simple but powerful tool that helps decide on possible entries into the market. Today my chart is giving me a clear indication that the market wants to not just fall down, … Read more by clicking here