On Holiday This Week

Sorry traders!

No reports this week, I decided to take some time off and wait for the fed decision, I also have a very busy week and it’s time for a break.

You’re welcome to come and see what’s happening in the forum here on the website, create your own thread and share your own analysis and charts, or feel free to join the Skype chat here https://join.skype.com/mCC7sxO35vyC

Best of luck trading

3 thoughts on “On Holiday This Week”

  1. Roger

    MHAS System Update 15/12 (Chart in Forum section)

    The Short position trailing stop was breached yesterday at 10506. So the system has no positions and is neutral. A gain of (11152-10506) = 646 points.

    Bullish above 10482, Targets 10745, 11093, 11284
    Bearish below 10327, Targets 10005, 9572, 9182

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