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John Anthony Signals Review

Name: John Anthony Signals
Product Type: Signal Provider
Price: $99 USD (Per month)
Platform required: Binary Options (Web based platform)
Markets: Forex & Gold
Rating: 5.1
Summary: Nice idea, possibly better during less volatile times, but my experience was horrendously dull!

Hello traders!

I have decided to sign up to what is considered by some to be one of the better binary options signal providers on the internet, John Anthony, to see what all the fuss is about and potentially build an account on the dark side of the force (binary options).

I have a live binary options account with Top Option, which has sat dorment for a while and with John Anthony I am going to trade the signals that I receive, using that account.

If this experiment is a waste of time and I lose money, then so be it, we live and we learn. If it works and I get the results that they claim, then great! I win everyone’s happy. But regardless of the result, I want to post my results up over the course of the next month so if any of you are interested in following in my footsteps or just want to keep a track of the progress, then you can.

The thread will update regularly, so be sure to come back for more details.


Wednesday 22/07/2015

I got a signal, at 1:15am, it woke me up, Sell GBPUSD, no wait, the market won’t give me the expiry at this time in the morning. Do you know what, as impulsive as this seems, probably because I am tired, probably because this binary option signal provider is doing my head in, probably because I am in a bad mood, and more likely because I should be in bed with my girlfriend and yet here I am, HERE, still typing! I am terminating the review with one word: Disappointment!

Ok more, less impulsive, words: Be careful of the smooth talking salesmen giving you the chat about how this is some revolutionary new way of giving you the same stuff everyone else does. It’s a binary options signal provider, nothing more nothing less guys. There are plenty of them. I saw nothing here to excite me, I saw nothing that can not be replicated with a few techies and a VPS, I saw nothing that warrants £99/month in subscriptions, no one-to-one guidance, I saw nothing to justify the headline figures on the website and I saw very little in terms of performance in what was a frustrating and frankly dull and boring review this month. I began with such hope, every last shred of that hope has been flayed, beaten and smashed into pieces. Anyway, I am bored of typing, I’m off to bed.

Parting words: Massive Disappointment!

Tuesday 21/07/2015

Yet again, nothing to report, no trades made……!

Monday 20/07/2015

Nothing to report, no trades made.

I will note that 11 signals were provided today (7 wins, 4 losses) and of those signals, 6 we very early in the morning and the majority of the rest were in the evening, two of them were afternoon signals but I wasn’t available to take them, so once again. No trades made and that’s not a great start to the week.

I watched the golf (Open Championship) earlier today and at the end of these major sporting events I notice that the engraver begins committing a name to the metal plate which will eventually be worn on the trophy, and the engraver will do this almost before the competition is finished, like they are making a prediction and completing the engraving early so it’s ready for the final celebratory presentation. Well I am already, in my mind, beginning to engrave the word fail onto this binary options review, and there are certainly no trophies here.

I hate ending reviews early, it’s such a waste.

Friday 17/07/2015

Summary: 8 trades made (5 wins, 3 losses)

Two trades made! Wow, I nearly forgot my login details for my binary account, it’s been that long since I had a signal.

I am approaching the end of this trial and unless next week provides some good figures which include a higher volume of signals and the advertised win rate, I will no longer be endorsing this service and I will end the review early.

001 001a

Thursday 16/07/2015

Nothing new to report, no trades made and it seems to be failing to deliver on its promises. 17 signals a day? He is a screenshot of 4 full days of signals. £99 a month for this? Come on guys! Pull your finger out.

John Anthony fails to deliver
John Anthony fails to deliver

Wednesday 15/07/2015

Nothing new to report, no trades made. I am beginning to see very little value to this service.

Tuesday 14/07/2015

Nothing new to report, no trades made.

Monday 13/07/2015

Nothing new to report, no trades made.

Friday 10/07/2015

Summary: I am now at 6 trades total (4 wins and 2 losses)

I had a frustrating day today in many respects, but with this trial I became frustrated by receiving signals that I could not trade. The platform I use would not allow me to place the trade during the times that the signal came out. The market was basically closed, or didn’t give me the expiry I wanted. Very annoying.

But I am still up overall

Trades so far
Trades so far

Thursday 09/07/2015

It’s about 1:50 in the morning, I was woken up by the John Anthony signal bell, which was actually quite exciting because I figured there would be an opportunity to trade it! But no. The market was closed! Back to bed then. Thanks TopOption…..

Market Closed
Market Closed

Wednesday 08/07/2015

Summary: Two new trades today, both wins. Currently 4 wins from 4 trades in total.

The signals seem to have opened up again, but I missed the majority of the early ones for being in bed. No excuses really, if I really wanted to be, I could’ve been up and awake at 7, but I wasn’t. So my fault. Anyway, I have some good news.

I heard the bell around 14:20 and received two signals: USDJPY and CADJPY so I frantically logged into my binary account, and looked at the prices. They were close, but not quite the levels of the signal so I decided to wait until the deadline to place the trades:

Trade 03 and 04
Trade 03 and 04

So in a nutshell, I won my 3rd and 4th trade! Good stuff!

Account summary
Account summary

Tuesday 07/07/2015

Summary: Nothing to report.

The signals were closed again for most of the day, when they were switched back on, only two came through and I missed them both.

Let’s call this another holiday day, and hope I get some tomorrow

Monday 06/07/2015

Summary: Nothing to report.

The signals were closed all day, so none received, no options traded.

Let’s call this a holiday day


Summary: No new trades were made so I am still (2 from 2)

Not very much to report on at the moment. I have not really had many opportunities to take a signal due to various reasons, but mainly because I have not been around my computer.

To solve the problem of not being around the computer I decided to download my binary option provider’s iPhone app and use my account to place trades from the phone. I am able to log into John Anthony from my phone too, so if I leave the browser running and a signal comes in, I hope to hear it from my phone. I haven’t received a signal yet and now it’s the weekend.

I am aware that the signals have been drying up due to the ongoing crisis in Greece. Perhaps I haven’t picked the best time to do my month trial, but when is the best time?

Sign Up Here

Wednesday 01/07/2015

Summary: I won another trade (2 from 2)

Trade#2 – Win – I missed quite a few signals this morning through being in bed, I clearly needed some sleep. But I managed to place my second trade this morning on USDCHF. The signal only had 4 minute left on it, so I could not place the regular trade, instead I had to wait until there was two minutes left, and placed a 120 second trade. I got a decent price and the trade was a win for me. A loss for the website, but a win for me.

Not a lot else happened today, I actually had some time to sit with the computer today and i was hoping to receive some signals to trade, but there were hardly any today. Actually I have just realised that about 5 minutes ago, I had a signal come in and my bloody computer was on mute so I didn’t hear it. The whole day I have one signal and the moment I mute my computer because an advert was playing (and I get sidetracked so forget it’s muted) I get a signal. #sodslaw

I guess I have to be patient, there will be plenty more opportunities.

I did some geeky maths today, working out how much I would have won if I had traded all the signals in the last few days using $10 bets with a 70% payout. The results would be pretty impressive. I think I would actually have doubled my account, and some. It’s all very exciting, but if I can’t activate the trade, it won’t happen at all. So tomorrow, don’t mute the computer.

Overall 7 signals (5 won, 2 lost) – I only took one trade and it won.

If you are interested in joining me on this experiement or you have decided to give the service a go for yourself then click the button for more details
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Tuesday 30/06/2015

[success]Summary: I won my first trade (1 from 1)[/success]

A new trading day, a new trading opportunity, but this Greece cloud is still causing a lot of volatility. It’s about 11:15 now and I have already missed 11 signals (3 wins and 8 losses – I am pleased I haven’t traded today) and the message banner on the website is saying:

[warning]Due To uncertainty With The Greece Euro Crisis Please Trade With Caution[/warning]

That’s one way to put it.

I am really looking to get a few trades on from these signals today, let’s see what happens


I traded: 30/06/2015 @ 12:50 for 13:00 expiry, Short, CADJPY 98.981. $10 bet, gained $17.80.

Not sure if I will get another chance to trade, because I need to go out, but we will see.

So in summary I have entered two trades, one was a $5 test trade which I lost and the other was a $10 signal trade which I won.

Here is the proof:

Two trades
Two trades
Account balance
Account balance

If you are interested in joining me on this experiement or you have decided to give the service a go for yourself then click the button for more details
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7 thoughts on “DaxTrader Reviews John Anthony

  1. Chris,
    i would like to know how you get on with the binary options.
    keep me informed .

    thank you


  2. chris,

    Do you or any member friend know anything about this binary options software on stocks.generating 10 k per week with initial money £450. Apparently the software picks the stocks every morning. lessen to their video taken at wall street. “why stocks and not FOREX”




  3. Hey Chris,

    I decided to join you on this quest.

    Applied for the 1 month free membership (along with a broker sign up). The thing is the majority of their signals are around 3 / 4 o’clock at night (Amsterdam time). So I keep missing the signals they publish.

    Have you been able to catch a couple of them yet?


    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for joining me on the quest. To be honest I have only caught 2 signals. They both won which is great, but i would like to see some more. Due to Greece, they are expecting fewer signals, temporarily, so I just hope it picks up a bit after the weekend/referendum.

      Good luck

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  5. Hi Chris,

    THank you for sharing your secret, binary has been wonderful to get into – a completely different experience to Forex.

    I would like to hear more about the success rate with this strategy on commodity markets, how does it fair against risky and non-risky assets? Please get back to me asap. I also run a comment section for http://www.tradingsignalreviews.com so depending on how I get on with it I can leave you an awesome review!

    thanks and looking forward to hearing back from you!


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