Dax Technical Analysis 27/09/2017

Dax Outlook

12750-12800 targets still

Yesterday we were looking for an opportunity to sell, anticipating a change of direction based on the unusual ‘distribution’ behaviour we have seen recently. This idea was based on a series of failed minor swings suggesting the trend was coming to and end and a pullback was the most likely outcome. This idea has not worked out.

We have gapped higher and popped through resistance this morning confirming that the channel rotation continues. Yesterday we touched the lower ‘octile’ of the channel which allowed channel traders the opportunity to buy low. The channel I am referring to is the regression channel as pictured below.

Today the best strategies we could identify would be:

1 – Fade the channel high

2 – Buy a pullback to just above the gap (high risk – as we are overvalued in the short term)

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Dax & FDAX Technical Analysis 27-09-2017

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1 thought on “Dax Technical Analysis 27/09/2017

  1. Looks to me we are heading toward DAX 12840 EOD or early tomorrow, fade back on Friday and retest 12840 on Monday…(and probably fail)

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