Dax Technical Analysis 09/12/2015

Good morning traders!

Not the usual report today, because instead, the focus today is around getting you guys involved with both the forum and the live chat we have available on Skype.

The Forum

We currently have 36 members on the forum at the moment, I would love to see those numbers increase.

I have a few threads open now to get the interaction going including the usual general chat threads, a suggestion box, a DaxTrader RSI section and most recently an area for you guys to submit your own analysis.

Get involved here

Live Chat

Thanks to Elosteve, one of the readers here, we now have an active Skype conversation open for all to join. The conversation has only just started so is very young in its development. It’s really there to encourage a bit more real-time chat and banter between the Dax Traders, to get to know each other, help each other out, share analysis, charts, opinions, strategies and bounce ideas around.

We just ask you not to abuse the opinions of others, keep swearing to a minimum, don’t advertise other products or services, you know, the usual forum based stuff.

Here’s the link to join: https://join.skype.com/jYsO5ZEmUC6E


We are currently in a bearish trend channel on most charts, struggling to hold the 10,650 and still looking to jump over the cliff to much lower levels. I am personally looking for a bounce but happy to abandon that view for now if we break below the low of yesterday. 10,500 should hold so I may try again from there.

The daily candle from yesterday was heavy, the trend was clean to trade, congratulations to Andrej, one of the readers and members of the Skype conversation, who nailed a decent trade following a simple 3 moving average strategy. Good work!

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Dax Support & Resistance

Daily R211048
Daily R110863
Daily Pivot10737
Daily S110552
Daily S210426
200 Day SMA10702

Dax Charts

No charts today

3 thoughts on “Dax Technical Analysis 09/12/2015”

  1. Dan

    Hi Guys,
    I see a d bottom at 10672 which should hold if a bullish case is to be had. If it breaks all in short.
    Needs to get past and hold 10715 this session.
    No bias just trade the markets decision

  2. Roger

    GM All

    I have posted the Modified Hekin Ashi Trading Swinbg Trading system details on the Forum (username elstonrh)

    Still all bearish for me below 10825 (The trailing stop loss for daily chart swing trade shorts is now 10962, the entry was 11152).

    Bullish above 11012

    Posted this latest chart with these levels on the forum too.

  3. Dan

    If only 1-5 % of traders make it in trading then that figure would have to be much less for those trading the DAX. Me included, what prompted me to post this is just how unpredictable this index is. The only way forward as I see it is by using trend line breaks as entries on a naked 4 hr chart (try it) it gives the only clear signals as far as I can tell. In this way you would be able to catch trends of some sort. Of course this is all hindsight but it is clear and simple. It can remove the high emotions that we experience during each session of trying to get in at the right level without getting cut to pieces. I have made $ this week on the DAX but just bring an element of reality to our attention Cheers

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