Dax Technical Analysis 04-07-2017

Using DAX technical analysis can be rewarding sometimes, especially when you call a move based on making a good read. Yesterday was an example of that. We were assuming that the gap would be the balance point. Using this information we could predict where the price action would likely go to. And it did. This is not a rule, it does not always work like this, but when you spot them, it’s very rewarding when they complete. The only challenge is finding the right reward to risk ratio, to ensure you get the right value.

I have created a new DAX technical analysis page, called the Journal, which I will use as a trading journal to update my thought processes signal management and provide detail around the context for each trade I am taking. It will include more commentary and technical analysis too. Sometimes there are trades out there that I do not take, but other people might. There are 5-10 potential signals every day, but sometimes I don’t trade any of them. Maybe I am cautious. But perhaps you guys will agree with the analysis and find it fits your trading style and the entries are within your trading plan. You will need to be a premium member to access it.

DAX Technical Analysis Video

DAX Daily

  • 12400 major support
  • Awaiting lower higher and break of 12400 to confirm new technical trend
01 Daily Chart - Dax Technical Analysis
01 Daily Chart – Dax Technical Analysis

DAX H2 Chart

  • Rising three methods
  • 50% line around a higher volume node on market profile
02 2 Hourly Chart - Dax Technical Analysis
02 2 Hourly Chart – Dax Technical Analysis

DAX 5m Chart

  • Broke above opening range and have tested it from above
  • The Bollinger Band divergence strategy worked nicely there
03 5m Chart - Dax Technical Analysis
03 5m Chart – Dax Technical Analysis

DAX Profile

  • Naked VPOC from Thursday is actually at 12600 (see video)
  • Yesterday we closed nearer to the VWAP after being above the deviation high
  • This dashed line called the move nicely
  • The low volume pocket from yesterday was closed on open this morning
Dax Signals
Dax Profile
04 DAX Market Profile
04 DAX Market Profile