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Benefits of Membership


1 – Live Trading Signals

Whenever I place a trade, the entry, take profit and stop loss is automatically recorded in my Journal and sent to my Telegram Signals Channel. The data is sent immediately with less than 1 second delay. As a Gold or Premium member, you will get access to these trades as they happen.

2 – Exclusive Access to the Journal

Every trade that I make is recorded in my Journal. Every potential trade that I am considering and setup that I have found is also noted in my Journal. I record the context behind every trade, the analysis, the reasons behind every trade, I discuss the risks and the trade management strategy.

Every time I write in the Journal, the entry is uploaded directly to the website immediately. The page will then refresh and an alert will sound on the page to tell you that a new message is there. The Journal will include, text, chart images, videos and links and will include my thought processed throughout the day. The page is mobile friendly and works on tablets and smart phones.

3 – Webinars and Training Courses

We hold regular webinars to train our strategies and share our thinking. We have also designed a training course to help understand so of the common techniques and strategies that can work on the DAX.

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£369 for four months Gold

£94 for three months Premium

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve Subscribed, How Do I Get The Signals?

I use Telegram messenger, one of the fastest growing instant messaging providers, which allows me to send you live Dax Trading Signals in real time when they are generated. You will receive notifications of the trades that I am making myself, it’s your choice whether to trade them or not. I just need your username. Here are some instructions:

  • Please download and install ‘Telegram’ messenger from Telegram.org
  • Add DaxTrader +447 912 682 257 to your contacts.
  • Go to the Telegram settings and create a username.
  • Send a message (on Telegram) to DaxTrader
  • Broadcast channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEAypsW3Xet_6ngBlw
  • You will receive further instruction to access the signals channel


Can We Chat In The Signal Channel?

The signal channel is a closed group. This means that neither you nor I can post any additional comments in the signal channel, it is locked down to receive only the trade notifications from my trading platform. If you would like additional comments and updates, you can join the broadcast channel, using the link above.


What Does A Live Trade Signal Look Like?

Live Trade

When a trade is taken from my system, you will be sent the entry information with the stop loss and the profit target. The information in the trade notification will be SELL or BUY, then it will provide the market, in this case ‘#GER30’ is the Dax. The price ‘@10656.90’ the Stop Loss ‘SL:10700.00’ the Take Profit ‘TP:10555.00’ the date and time stamp and a unique trade identifier. This is for admin purposes.

What Is The Broadcast Channel?

This channel allows me to update subscribers on a number of things that I normally include in my Journal, such as:broadcast

  • Trade Management (For example stop loss changes)
  • Developing trading setups
  • Performance updates
  • Market Commentary
  • Technical Analysis
  • Additional signals also including Forex, Gold and other Indices
  • Strategy changes

This channel is not the signals channel. You are free to leave this channel at any time.

Why Did You Build This?

I get a lot of messages from people asking whether I am long or short, what price I bought or sold, where my stops and targets are. So rather than answering them all, I created a method to offer Dax Trading Signals to subscribers who are looking to get alerted directly to their phone.

Are You Professional?

Yes. I have traded for many many years, but professionally since 2014 and in that time I have trialled and tested so many trading strategies. I have found no holy grail. But I have a combination of just a few standard indicators that works well for me. So I built my software that trades and shares those trades with you. In real-time, minimal delay.

What Is Your Background?

My background is competitive and analytical I learned technical analysis and CFD trading at college using bull bearings website. I then studied accounting at university, became a financial advisor, decided to specialise on the Dax, opened a spread betting account and never looked back.

What Tools Do You Use?

I personally believe that using too many tools is a distraction and I try to use as few as possible on my charts. However, my main tools are my algorithms which have automated my strategies providing alerts and signals to me. My main technical tools are volume spread analysis, order flow footprints, market profile and market geometry.

Join the service today and get access to both the Signal Channel and the Broadcast Channel.

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