Dax Technical Analysis 14/07/2017

Yesterday we gapped higher first thing, closed the gap and then tagged the value area low from Wednesday, all within the first hour. At that point we were below the deviation low and the London open sparked a move higher. This pushed price to the highs of the day, above the deviation high, by mid morning. The price was rejected from these highs and turned around to test the lows and then oscillated around the POC and vwap for the rest of the session, before settling on the value area high. So what about today? Login or register to read the full article

Dax Technical Analysis 29/06/2017

02 2 Hourly Chart - Dax Technical Analysis

Will the bearish drive continue after break support? Or is this a trap and simply a spot to allow bulls back in for good value? Login or register for free to see the full article and video. This evening there will be a webinar, 8pm UK time, come and join that. It will be hosted by Jean Pascal Ferra from ATAS, he will be introducing some advanced strategies for using Bid x Ask Imbalances. Join the mailing list, twitter or the Telegram channel for the link to register.

Dax Technical Analysis 28/06/2017

01 Daily Chart - Dax Technical Analysis

Yesterday we saw a break lower on three separate timeframes, the daily, H2 and m5 charts. There are patterns that I have been watching for a while. I am a bullish trader normally, so I am barely trading at the moment. In the webinar this morning we looked at various levels to watch for opportunities. We have bullish divergence appearing at the 100% extension of a move lower, is that a chance to take profit, or buy? What are the best spots to sell? Are there any other opportunities to trade? Watch my video here to find out. Login (or register for free) to get access.

Dax Technical Analysis 23-06-2017

03 5m Chart - Dax Technical Analysis

From next week I am going to attempt to hold a webinar every day to run through the charts and look for DAX opportunities from the various technical tools at our disposal. To get access to these webinars, you will need to join the broadcast channel on Telegram. That is where I post the link to webinar. Telegram is free, go and download it and install it and click this link to access the channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEAypsW3Xet_6ngBlw