Dax Journal 14/07/2017

16:03 This page is now redundant because we have a new and upgraded Journal. There will no longer be a new post every day, simply one single page with all the posts collected there. The Journal This will be the page that you should bookmark from now on. It’s here! 10:45 Knocking on the door … Read more by clicking here

Dax Journal 13/07/2017

17:14 I am looking at the delta divergence here and wondering (again) if there is any opportunity to go short developing here. 15:40 Delta is plummeting and the support floor is close to breaking. The room below can open up a nice shorting opportunity, but finding the right levels is not easy. Bulls will be … Read more by clicking here

Dax Journal 12/07/2017

16:24 – NEW TRADE DAYTRADE SELL #GER30 @ 12635.65 | SL:12660.00 | TP:12570.00 | 2017.07.12 16:24 (BST) | ID 13755996 These are FXCM prices, not futures prices Context – Above the deviation high, bearish divergence and we are seeing a delta divergence as well. We have reached extension targets from the swing today and are … Read more by clicking here

Dax Journal 11/07/2017

16:17 This cumulative delta divergence makes almost no sense to me, unless we are about to spike higher in some sort of slingshot, before heading lower from 550 15:37 Trade context – We are struggling to take out 480 (futures) and have touched VWAP from the underside twice. We have broken below the February/Apr trend … Read more by clicking here

Dax Journal 10/07/2017

17:55 I think I am done for the day. It’s been quiet, the other half of the trade is still running, so let’s look for more opportunities tomorrow. 16:42 Part of my thinking now is, are we about to have another burst higher from here. Delta is still gaining bullish momentum, suggesting that Bulls are … Read more by clicking here