Key benefits of subscribing to our service

Live Room

Access a live stream of the screens we use to trade with. The screens will displays the charts, the thought processes and be open for most of the day for you to view.

Journal Access

The key to improving our trading is to keep good records; trades you take, including the context behind them, their outcomes and the learning. You can access our Journal here.

Live Dax Trading Signals

Receive live Dax trading signals directly to your phone or computer. The signals are sent as soon as a trade is opened including entry, stop and target

Community Chat Room

Join fellow traders and learn the tools, techniques and thought processes from us. Share charts and contribute in to the community and gain as much experience as possible

What Do I Get?

Regular Webinars & Live Room

Access educational webinars and the library including a live broadcast of one of our screens

DaxTrader Journal & Setup Spreadsheets

Record keeping is essential. Get access to our setups and context behind each trade

Indicator Dashboard & Discounts & More

Premium members will join a growing community of like-minded traders improving their skills, abilities and trading results.

And Of Course Live Dax Trading Signals

We have a custom-built platform that connects MetaTrader4 directly to Telegram messenger. Once a trade is opened on our account, the trading information is sent immediately to the signals channel.

We carefully consider our trades, and the context behind each one is provided in the Journal.

Following a signal may be profitable for you, but understanding the thought processes behind the decision will benefit you the most. That is what we share with our premium members.

Trade Results


Here is an example of the material we discuss in a premium webinar. It’s quite a long video, so you can speed it up to 2x the speed.

You can also turn on subtitles


What am I likely to learn?

Forks & Median Lines

Forks & Median Lines

Major Swings & Minor Swings

Dr. Alan Andrews’ work has influenced and inspired a lot of our work here at DaxTrader.co.uk, and as swing traders, we believe in these methods and have confidence in what they can do.

We teach our application of the methods in the webinars and the community chat room.

Market Profile and Order Flow Analysis

Market Profile

Including order flow

Understanding how price moves will allow you to anticipate similar situations in future. We use market profile and order flow tools in our analysis to break pieces of price action down and form a readable story.

ATAS order flow software is our recommendation.



Volume Weighted Average Price

We do not rely on indicators, because as swing traders we have learned how to read price action, like a language. VWAP allows us to spot intra-day opportunities for short-term trading.

This tool is one of only a select few indicators that we use.

Risk Management

Risk Management

3:1 and 1.2%

Every trade that we take will target a minimum of 3:1 reward to risk, set and forget. We never risk more than 1.5% of our balance per trade.

We understand that we get more losers than winners, but our hit rate is above 30% which makes us profitable overall.

What Can I Expect?

The DaxTrader Premium service is not just a signal service.

We believe that the tools and experience we have will assist you with your trading education.

Yes, we provide signals, but it is only a small part of the service.

We also focus on trading support, trading setups, risk management, trading psychology and charting platform setup.

Trading is a business and to be successful in any business we have to take responsibility for our continuous improvement.

We have to learn from our mistakes.

Therefore we encourage our members to invest in an excellent charting platform and a record-keeping solution.

Disciplined trading involves sticking to our Trading Plan Basics.

Trading Plan Basics

  • Never risk more than 1.5% per trade
  • Get a minimum of 3:1 reward on trades
  • Follow major and minor swings
  • Follow the trend
  • Set and Forget
  • Record all trades (entry, TP, SL, context)
  • Don’t hedge (Buy and Sell at the same time)
  • Plan the trade and stick to the plan
  • Invest in a good charting platform
  • Invest in a good record keeping solution
  • Invest in your trading education


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Daily Articles
  • Regular Webinars
  • Free Dax Training Course
  • Dax Broadcast Channel
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  • Live Screen Room
  • Journal
  • Dax & FTSE Trading Signals
  • Community Chat Room
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  • GOLD
  • All Forex, Index and Commodity signals
  • Excellent Trading Education
  • Coaching via Telegram
  • Personal Support
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    per four months

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