22-01-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

22-01-2018 DAX Outlook Summary

22-01-2018 DAX Key Levels

POC *13414
Value Area High *13441
Value Area Low *13388
14 Day ATR136.25
200 EMA12635
Daily R213615
Daily R113540
Daily Pivot13399
Daily S113324
Daily S213182
*These are FXCM numbers, not futures numbers. Please be aware that FXCM can often be 5-10 points higher than futures prices

22-01-2018 DAX Charts

DAX Daily Chart

  • Massive progress made on Friday to take out (and hold) the 13350 and 13425 levels
  • 13535 is the all time high and the goal is now to take that out
  • The swings are bullish and we are looking to continue a major bullish impulse leg

240 minute DAX Chart

  • We are still bound by the trend line formed at EP1 EP3 and EP5
  • If we bounce lower, temporarily, the horizontal lines may provide support
  • 13350 look interesting

60 Minute DAX Chart

  • There is a confluence of levels around 13350
    • Horizontal level
    • Fork median line
    • Multi-pivot level (black line)

10-minute DAX Chart

  • I am watching for this lower median line parallel to hold (or the sliding parallel)
  • This is also in the 350 zone