05/01/2018 Dax Technical Analysis

05/01/2018 Dax Technical Analysis

Another solid bullish day for the German Dax yesterday as it closes 140 points higher around 13160 and shows no sign of slowing down today. However today is NFP Friday, so we expect a bit of a slowdown in the build up the afternoon session. The trend on the Dax is clear to see, especially in the short term and the original idea from Monday is still valid.

The Dax algo is Bullish, but no signals came out yesterday. The Dow algo is Bullish and produced two yesterday (one 3:1 winner and one 5:1 loser). The FTSE algo is Bullish and gave a signal yesterday which would (just about) be still in the game.


Fire & Fury

Who has already ordered their copy of the Fire and Fury? I particular dislike Donald Trump and don’t really need much more information to contribute towards my already strong dislike. So I decided to not spend money on an item that would only irritate me. However, it will be released on the 9th January (in the UK at least). Get your copy on Amazon here

The excerpts from this publication have already contributed to a breakup of Donald Trump and his former senior advisor, so I am sure this one will sell bucket loads. So as the release date nears, and NFP and here, perhaps we see a calmer day today.

German Retail Sales


Strong results this morning with Retail Sales year on year in Nov hitting +4.4% compared to a consensus of 2.5% and a previous -1.4%, so this will perhaps provide some additional fuel to add to the current rally.

05/01/2018 Dax Trader Premium Webinar

Today we begin our programming and coding course during the premium webinar.

We are going to eventually build an algo, similar to mine that will be able to generate and send you trading signals to your phone, from the ground up, so you can eventually own the program for yourself and edit it where necessary.

I won’t be providing any shortcuts, so you will need to do the work for yourself by following the videos and webinars. But I will walk you through it from the beginning and explain it all as we go. Believe me, it’s not as complex as you think.

It will benefit anyone who is interested in automating a strategy, or building an algo, or generating good signals for themselves, for any market, at any time.

We will examine many different strategies and test whether they work. We will build in lots of functionality, with a different piece each week, so you will be able to catch up easily if you miss a few sessions.

It would be great to have some people to talk too during the webinar, to help me make sure I am not going too fast.

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05/01/2018 Dax Levels

POC *13179
Value Area High *13205
Value Area Low *13104
14 Day ATR145.01
200 EMA12556
Daily R213318
Daily R113241
Daily Pivot13131
Daily S113053
Daily S212943
*These are FXCM numbers, not futures numbers. Please be aware that FXCM can often be 5-10 points higher than futures prices

05/01/2018 Dax Charts

05/01/2018 Dax_Chart_2 05/01/2018 Dax_Chart_3 05/01/2018 Dax_Chart_4