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I grew up in Germany, earned an accounting degree, worked as a financial advisor, learned how to trade, taught myself web development, C+ and MQL4, built my own algorithms and am now a self-employed trader. Join me.


I have a Eurex feed and use Order Flow, DOM, Market Profile, Imbalance and Delta tools along wth the standard RSI, MACD, Stochastic, Divergence, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Bollinger Bands, Support & Resistance, Price Action, Pivot Points and Keltner Channels


Trading financial markets involves the risk of losing more than your invested funds. Trading the Dax with leverage increases that risk. We do not provide financial advice, this website is for educational purposes only.


I quit my job in 2014 and have been a trader (full-time) ever since. I have made every single mistake possible, tried nearly every system and have found one that works. I share my trades to my subscribers.

Dax Technical Analysis 21/07/2017

Today, if the market does hold the weekly lows, we have an opportunity to buy low and target yesterday's POC of 495 and yesterday's high of 565. There is a small gap to close from this morning and we also have the Low Volume Node that could slingshot the price if it pierces it.

A stop loss would have to be under 375, so currently with price at 410, it's a pricey trade of 35 points, meaning we'd need to target 105 to get the right ratio. Therefore an order of 390 is interesting. The risk is that a move to 390 comes with force and the move break through support on the way to the monthly support. Login or register for free to see the rest of the article, including the bearish strategy.


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Dax Technical Analysis 20/07/2017

We missed very little yesterday. The value area yesterday was between 419-440, very narrow with the POC at 427. This POC is currently naked as price is rallying higher. I notice that we closed way above vwap yesterday, way above the value area high and actually above the deviation high. This normally suggests the start of a bullish breakout. This morning we have a gap higher (yet to close) to add weight to that argument. As I type this, we are having a go at closing the gap. I am testing this again today, so can all premium members please click this link and let me know if you have any problems accessing it.


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Dax Technical Analysis 18/07/2017

Currently looking for reasons to buy. SPX is at all time highs. I was waiting for a deeper DAX pullback after the recent rally. Now looking for areas of confluence. The video is available to watch on the DaxTrader Broadcast Channel, it was uploaded there earlier. Click the link inside the article to access it. Login or register for free to read to the article.


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